Italian girls haven't escaped the gender meatgrinder

Italian girls haven't escaped the gender meatgrinder

I talked about Italy's burgeoning puberty blocker scandals with Agata Rossi in Sicily
Giorgia Meloni: she’s not wrong.

Why are some countries more susceptible to the transdemic than others? There are some things about Italy, British transplant Agata Rossi told me, that might protect the country from the worst excesses of this bizarre global mind virus.

Strong family bonds, lower levels of depression thanks to a healthier diet and more exposure to the sunshine — all these things might make kids more resilient to a phenomenon that preys on the already-unwell.

Another anon activist told me that this only really holds true in the south of the country; the north is much more “modern”, with smaller, overworked nuclear families spending too much time indoors, staring at screens and eating trash. It is indeed, in the north of the country that the burgeoning paediatric gender medical scandal is concentrated, which Agata thinks could also have something to do with language: there are more English speakers in the north, who are thus more exposed to a trend that emerged and blossomed in the anglosphere.

It was during the country’s COVID lockdown, one of the harshest in the world, that Italian girls disappeared into their bedrooms in droves and emerged claiming to be in the incorrect bodies. It raises an interesting point: there is plenty of anecdotal evidence in TERFworld that as the coronavirus circulated in the physical realm, a digitally-driven social bug was jumping from host to vulnerable host online. If academia hadn’t been so completely captured, along with the media, we might have some data on how lockdown severity correlated with the number of teenage girls deciding they’re now boys.

Earlier this year, authorities in Florence opened an investigation into a duo of rogue doctors in the Careggi hospital, a psychotherapist and an endocrinologist, who were doling out triptorelin, a puberty blocker, with no psychological evaluation. Both doctors, whose names have been shared with me but who, I’m told, haven’t been named yet in the press, are members of WPATH.

Just after I spoke to Agata, another story emerged from Rome wherein it was revealed that an Italian hospital had commenced prescribing triptorelin without prior approval from the ethics board.

After a journalist called Assia Neumann Dayan published a story about the Careggi case in February this year, a number of parents of trans-identifying kids wrote letters to the paper (some of which were published), expressing gratitude and desperation. Other giornalistas have bravely taken on the story, too, despite the usual transphobia taunts, and you can find their Twitter handles below if you want to follow developments in the investigation.

One of the people flying the flag highest for the sexual stunting of the country’s youth is an Italian mother living in Spain called Camilla Vivian, Agata tells me, who has not one but two children whose bodies suffered some kind of cosmic mismatch, ending up in the erroneous corpus. What are the chances. These woman will wreck everything not to be wrong, as Helen Joyce has repeatedly noted.

Transmomhausen is featured in a video, screengrabbed below, with a professional puberty-stunter whose non-trans-related academic output focusses on taming the urges of paraphiliacs using the same drug.

Fucking yikes. A screengrab of a totally insane video presenting chemical castration drugs as necessary and good for children, featuring an Italian transhausen mom and a triptorelin peddler.

Isolated cases, or a sign that Italy is badly infected?

The country’s rainbow lobby is big and organised, though there is a decent fightback in the form of radical feminists (Radfem Italia), an NGO that is (mercifully) full of TERFs. No-nonsense mothers, who play an important role in education as parent representatives (there’s one in every class) are another formidable firewall.

In 2022, a socialist MP called Alessandro Zan introduced a self-ID bill that ultimately got rejected in the senate. Then the conservative Giorgia Meloni took power, and all bets were off. Meloni’s rise was the result of what my anon activist friend claims was the first time Italians chose their own government since the EU maneuvered Berlusconi out to make way for someone more Brussels-friendly, more than a decade ago.

The cause for this latest rightward turn wasn’t just woke, or gender, or immigration, she told me. It was all of the above. People are fed up.

Whatever the cause, now matriarch Meloni is here and she doesn’t fuck around.

She has thwarted Zan’s gender dreams and the dreams of the organisation to which he belongs, Italy’s Stonewall — Arcigay — which seems like yet another cabal of power-gays with an inexplicable desire to erase sex from law. But the wily activists and their allies in the institutions are not going down with a fight.

Despite the failure of self-ID on a federal level, a rogue Sicilian judge recently christened a man legally female, thus overriding the country’s established legal gender recognition procedure. There have been other scandals involving the introduction of woo-woo in school administrations that were quickly swatted away by the authorities.

Agata also talked to me about Italy’s well-established population of Latin American transvestite prostitutes, and I posit to her my HIV/”shemale” theory of the institutionalisation of genderism. Yes, it’s my theory and I’m sticking with it (for now).

Agata is a good follow. Her Twitter handle is also below.

Enjoy another no-frills recording!

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